GPC/ SEC Columns

PSS high performance columns are the result of comprehensive research focusing on the development of more efficient and robust gel materials and an improved packing technology. We manufacture stationary phase gels for the chromatography able to separate synthetic and natural macromolecules by their hydrodynamic volume.

The PSS Column Selection App helps you -
to replace a column
to find the right column or column combination for your solvent
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We at PSS know about the importance of long-tem reproducible results. If possible, we are commited to supply our customers also with discontinued products. Both, catalog and website, show the actual products recommended for development of new methods. For existing applications on materials like HEMA, HEMA Bio, NOVEMA, GRAL etc. we have many materials on stock.
Stationary phases - PSS offers the widest range of column materials optimized for aqueous or organic solvents alike.

Aqueous solvents :
  • MCX columns for aqueous GPC/SEC of sulfonated polymers
  • NOVEMA Max columns for aqueous GPC/SEC of polycations
  • PROTEEMA columns for aqueous GPC/SEC separation of proteins
  • SUPREMA columns for aqueous GPC/SEC of neutral and anionic polymers
Organic solvents :
  • SDV columns for polymers in unpolar and medium polar organic solvents
  • GRAM columns for polar polymers in medium polar organic solvents
  • PolarSil columns for low to medium molar mass resins and
  • lignins in medium polar organic solvents
  • PFG columns for crystalline polymers in fluorinated
  • organic solvents
  • POLEFIN columns for polyolefines
Column Selection
PSS stationary phases are based on the Magic Triangle Concept.

Use our PSS Column Selection App, Column selection guide or our Column selection service to find the best solution for your analysis task. Request your free Column Selection Poster.