About Us

Chromline Equipment Company was founded by Mr. Vijay B. More CEO of the company in the year 1993 with exclusive distributorship of SpectraPhysics (now known as Thermo Fisher Scientific) HPLC system with a group of five people working in sales, services, technical support, accounts and administration. Mr. Vijay B. More had 20 years rich experiance of analytical chromatagraphy and spectroscopy equipments in technical support and marketing at the time of foundation of the company.

Chromline Equipment Company (CEC) started with mission of total solution to analytical instrumentation in the field of pharmaceuticals, forensic science, chemical and agrochemical industries, Polymer industries , Research and Development institutes, defence laboratories etc. with prompt, efficient technical and application support, marketing through satisfaction of the end users.

Chromline Equipment Company (CEC) added complimentory product range in analytical lab equipments like HPTLC, Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), Hydride Genarator, Anti Oxident Analizer, GPC software, GPC columns, GPC standerds etc. in next 4 years from its foundation and become financialy stable company with long term goal of growth through TRUSTED CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

After 4 years Chromline Equipment India Pvt.Ltd. (CEIPL) was incorpoted on 24 April, 1997 and all the business of Chromline Equipment Company (CEC) transfered to new private limited company with employees of CEC given a share of upto 45% in new private limited company for overall growth of all individuals as well as of the company. This Chromline company (CEIPL) got subsequently distributorship of Varian Pharmaceuticals Dissolution Testing Systems and Prep LC, Gotech Testing Machines, Polymarchar High Temperature GPC, Dani Gas Chromatograph and added product range of LCMS, GCMS, HRMS in exising HPLC product range of Thermo Scientific in the year 2002. This private limited company (CEIPL) has grown up since 1997 till July 2005. However, incorporation of subsideries of many multinational companies manufacturing above product range in last 10 years in India have adverse effect on our total growth of the company as we have to surender the distributorship of major product range to them. Looking in to less business apportunity, more overheads and libilities the management of the Chromline Equipment India Pvt.Ltd. (CEIPL) decided to stop the sales and service activities with effect of 1st April 2013 and iniciate the closer of this private limited company.

In view of the above Mr. Vijay B. More founder of the Chromline revived the original Chromline Equipment Company (CEC) with effect from 1st April 2013 who had all licenses and registrations to continue the business in analytical instrumentation field with immediate effect having its own office at 17, 17A, Ground Floor, Udyog Bhavan, Goregaon (E), Mumbai - 400 063, with limited distributorship of quality products in analytical instrumentation with experienced staff in sales, marketing, services and technical support. To name few we have with us Mr. Bikas Karmakar - Manager Technical Support and Mr. Hrushikesh V. More - Manager Business Development and Service Co-ordination.

Chromline Equipment Company (CEC) is proud to represent a number of world - class brands of Analytical equipement in India. Every company we represent is known as a LEADER in its Technology in the market they serve. Chromline Equipment Company provides all the sales, marketing and expertise in service and spares for the products of our principals. Chromline Equipment Company offers scientific and analytical equipements for pharmaceuticals, forensic science, chemical and agrochemical industries, research and development institutes, defence laboratories etc. Please click on products to find out details of products that we offer to you.